w w w. ie iwo r l d . co m IEI provide a wide range of industrial computing products with high feasibility and reliability for gaming applications. Highly integrated CPU on module product has high compatibility and good upgrade ability with customized baseboard. Besides, motherboards and open frame monitors are suitable for wide application in gaming market with high performance. We also offer various accessories for expansion. IEI standard and customized products and services can meet and optimize any special requirement for casino/slot machines, arcade games, bingo machines and multiplayer games. ▲ICE-QM871 ● Display converter cards ● Wireless module ● UART expansion card ● TPM module Accessory ● High compatibility ● Baseboard customization for special application CPU on Module ● Touch screen available ● Various sizes Open Frame Monitor MPCIE-UART► ● High graphics 2D & 3D performance ● High expansion ability Motherboards ▲gKINO-DMF ◄ LCD-KIT-F Series About IEI-2017-V10 IEI Vertical Solution for Gaming Arcade games are always popular in young generation and evolving with new technology. IEI provides wide range of products with multiple display output support, graphics performance, and various OS support to meet the need of speedy game developing.  Arcade Games IEI LCD-KIT-F series provides high quality touch screens with high sensitivity, brightness and contract ratio which are suitable for multi- player game table. Our motherboard products and CPU on module with customized baseboard plus security design are also equipped with rich I/Os for multiplayer games’ need.  Multiplayer Games Open frame monitors are widely used in pachislot applications. IEI LCD-KIT-F series provides various size from 6.5 ~ 19 inches and supports various common display input interface. Combined with IEI low-cost compact-sized motherboards, we can offer very cost-effective solutions in applications.  Pachislot Casino industry generates high revenues and casinos are increasingly established worldwide. IEI offers high performance products on Intel® and AMD® platforms and reliable customization services to let developers focus on their games with our long-term support.  Casino Machines