w w w. ie iwo r l d . co m Software Single Board Computer Industrial System Panel PC iSMM+ HPCIE-Q170/C236 IKARPC-07A-BT POC-W22A-H81 PCIE-Q870/H810/Q170 IKARPC-W10A-BT PPC-F06B-BT SPCIE-C2260-i2/C236 IVS-300-ULT3 PPC-F08B-BT WSB-H810 IVS-200-ULT2 PPC-F10B-BT PCISA-BT IVS-100-BT PPC-F12B-BT IMBA-H110 IRS-100-ULT3 PPC-F15A-H81 IMBA-Q170/C2360-i2 SBOX-100-QM87 PPC-F15B-BT IMBA-H810 TANK-6000-C226 PPC-F17B-BT IMBA-C604EP TANK-870-QM170 S19A-QM87 IMBA-Q870/C2260-i2 TANK-860-HM86 S24A-QM87 IMB-H110 TANK-820-BW INOX-F15A IMB-Q870-i2 TANK-801-BT UPC-F12A tKINO-ULT3 TANK-760-HM86 KINO-DQM170/DCM-236 TANK-610-BW KINO-AQ170 IDS-300-BW tKINO-BW uIBX-250-BW KINO-DBT uIBX-230-BT KINO-DH810 ECN-380A-QM870 eKINO-BT ECW-281B-BT KINO-DAL DRPC-120-BT tKINO-AL KINO-AQ870 KINO-DQM871 KINO-SE/KBN-i1 NANO-ULT3 NANO-BT-i1/BTW2 NANO-QM81-i1 NANO-KBN/SE-i1 WAFER-BW WAFER-BTW2 WAFER-ULT/ULT2-i1 WAFER-BT-i1 WAFER-KBN-i1 HYPER-BW/BT/KBN ICE-ULT3 ICE-BT+-T6/T10 iQ7-BT/AL iSMM SPCIE-C2160 TANK-820-H61 AFOLUX GEN III Panel PC PCIE-Q670-R20 TANK-800-D525 AFL3-12A-BT WSB-H610 TANK-720-Q67 AFL3-W07A-BT PICOe-B650 TANK-700-QM67 AFL3-W10A-BT PICOe-HM650 TANK-600-D2550 AFL3-W15A-BT PICOe-PV-D5251-R11 uBIX-210-CV-N2600 AFL3-W15B-H81 PCISA-PV-D5251 ECN-380-QM77 AFOLUX GEN II Panel PC IMBA-C2160 ECW-281B-D2550 AFOLUX Panel PC IMBA-Q770 DRPC-100-CV IBS-19A Series IMB-C2160 POC-17i-HM55 IMB-Q770 POC-19i-HM55 IMB-G41A PPC-37xxA Series KINO-QM770 PPC-51xxA-H61 Series KINO-CV-D25501 UPC-V312-D525 KINO-CVR-D25502 UPC-V315-NM70 NOVA-HM551 UPC-V316-QM77 NOVA-PV-D5251-R11 WIDS-5xxA-H61 Series NANO-QM770 NANO-CV-D25501/NANO-CV-D25502 WAFER-NM701-1007U WAFER-CV-D25501/WAFER-CV-D25502 PM-PV-D5251-R11 ICE-QM770 ICE-CV-D25501/ICE-CV-D25502 * iSMM+ is supported by products with platform above Haswell (4th Gen.) / Bay Trail / eKabini. * iSMM is supported by products with platform below Ivy Bridge (3th Gen.) / Cedarview. About IEI-2017-V10 iSMM & iSMM+ Support List