Automation Control ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions Optional Peripherals Optional Peripherals-2017-V10 2. V-STAND VESA Model 75 x 75mm VSTAND-A07-R11 75 x 75mm / 100 x 100mm VSTAND-A10-R11 VSTAND-A12-R11 IEI patented multi-mounting V-Stand allows wall, ceiling, desk, rear and side mounting to meet diverse applications. Its 0° to 90° adjustable hinge design provides optimal viewing in various environments, such as kitchen, room or shelf. Features: 0º to 90º adjustable hinge design allows comfortable viewing Standard VESA 75/100 compliance Heat dissipation holes A. One fits all solution The V-Stand is a compact and tilt adjust- able mounting stand providing mobility and ergonomic comfort to fit common wall mounting and ceiling mounting situations. B. 0º to 90º excellent adjustability You can change the angle of the stand from 0° to 90° to reach almost any point with ergo- nomic features for comfortable viewing. C. Space saving and easy installation Compact size provides mobility 1: Tighten the screws in the rear of the AFOLUX PPC VESA mounting holes 2: Select the position to mount stand kit 3: Plug in the system to operate POS System Self-ordering System VESA Multi-Mounting Stand Entry-Master Systems Back Office POS System Car PC Medical Control Panel Wall Mounting Ceiling Mounting VSTAND-A07 (For 5.6”~7” AFL series) VSTAND-A10 (For 8.4”~10.4” AFL series) VSTAND-A12 (For 12.1” AFL series) Height adjustable and VESA 75/100 compliant mounting holes Heat dissipation holes help 1. 2. 0° to 90° adjustable hinge design 3.