w w w. ie iwo r l d . co m Automated optical inspection (AOI) is visual inspection systems which combine computing boards and digital camera to execute the detection process during production. With automatic procedure by image processing, customers can save large cost and time during production process. IEI offers suitable solution from motherboards to digital camera and peripheral devices. IEI Lightweight USB Camera with high performance and rich I/O platforms can help customer easier to complete the system integration. Robotics have been implemented in factory automation, for example, in PCB board pick/place or in components assembly position precision control, with robot arm and digital camera solution, customers can expect less error rate and high efficient lead time. IEI motherboards have strong expansion I/O for connection with motion cards, capture cards for more flexible system integration.  AOI System  Vision Guidance Robotic System Machine vision is a technology that uses digital image equipment to complete a large computing process and to execute the corresponding actions, such as inspection, gauging, and counting, helping all tasks to be performed efficiently. For mass information management and smart production applications, IEI provides various products for machine vision solution to fulfill any requirement for factory automation, from the assembly production to defect detection process. High Speed Signal I/O Rich I/O Connector HPCIE-Q170► About IEI-2017-V10 IEI Vertical Solution for Machine Vision IEI provides different computing platforms with digital cameras, capture cards, motion cards, optics barcode reader and open frame monitors to customers for using into demands. Also IEI is ready for different kinds of applications for customer. From hardware OEM/ODM solution to software modification service, IEI can offer flexible customization to fulfill more business possibility in worldwide.  Advantage on IEI Machine Vision Solution For faster production, IEI can provide the optics 2D barcode reader with high-speed decode and robust decode for common distortion. Through Ethernet TCP/IP protocol, customers can easily manage the complete production line system from remote. Furthermore, IEI ITDB- 100 has maximum ESD protection that prevents computers from electrostatic discharge damage.  High-speed Production Line System With IEI machine vision solution, customers can easily handle a huge number of documentation during goods receiving or delivering process. Developing a smart receiving or delivery system in production line has become more and more important. Through the smart system, users can handle the quality control or shipment correction process more convenient. IEI machine vision system can also provide solution on envelope or package sorting for faster shipment.  Document Sorting and Checking System ▲IMBA-Q170 ▲SPCIE-C236 Flexible Expansion