All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Video Capture Solutions Industrial Computing Solutions IEI Trusted Platform Module-2017-V12 Hardware-based security solution for data protection and reliable authentication via TPM that stores key, passwords and digital IEI Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Solution Features Infineon SLB9660 TT1.2 SLB9665TT2.0 Secure Startup Root of Trust Measurement of early boot devices Sensors and active shield TSS API Support Management Tool Function 1. TPM management 2. File & Folder En/De-cryption 3. Personal secure drive 4. Secure Email Market Segment Complete TPM1.2/2.0 function TCG 1.2/2.0 compliant trusted platform module Interface Low pin count Software Structure TCG software stack 1.2 complaint Cryptographic Accelerator HAS-1/RSA algorithm Model Name Description TPM-IN01-R20 software management tool, TPM-IN02-R20 software management tool, Form factor Model name Form factor Model name PICMG1.3 PCIE-Q170-i2* Micro-ATX IMB-H110* SPCIE-C236-i2* IMB-Q870-i2 SPCIE-C2260-i2 IMB-H810-i2 SPCIE-C2160 IMB-Q770 SPCIE-C2060 IMB-Q670 PCIE-H810 IMB-H610A/H610B PCIE-Q670 Mini-ITX PCIE-H610 PICMG1.0 WSB-H810 WSB-H610 WSB-PV-D4251/D5251 PICOe-B650 PICOe-HM650 PCISA-BT ATX IMBA-C2360-i2* IMBA-Q170-i2* IMBA-H110* IMBA-BDE IMBA-H810 IMBA-C2260-i2 IMBA-Q870-i2 IMBA-Q770 5.25” SBC NOVA-PV-D5251 IMBA-H610 EPIC SBC NANO-QM871 IMBA-C2060 NANO-QM770 IMBA-Q670 NANO-HM650 * TPM 2.0 is supported is these models. Ethernet) with 15.4 watts per port Part No. Description IPCIE-4POE-R10 PCI Express power over ethernet card, 4-port 1000 Base(T), 802.3af compliant 63040-010090-120-RS Adapter power, FSP, FSP090-DIEBN2, 9NA0904712, Vin: 90~264VAC, 90W, Plug=7.5mm, Cable=1500mm, Erp (no 63040-010065-200-RS Adapter power, FSP, FSP065-REBN2, 9NA0654709, Vin: 90~264VAC, 65W, Dim: 46.3x108.3x30mm, Plug=7.5mm, PWR Input 12~24V DC input Internal DC input (2x2 ATX) Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 60°C Storage Temperature: -10°C ~ 70°C Operating Humidity: 5% ~ 95%, non-condensing Interface: PCI Express® x4 Ethernet Intel® i210 AT controller 9kB jumbo frame IEEE 802.3az, IEEE1588 PoE Capability IEEE 802.3af 15.4W / 48V DC per port 1 x IPCIE-4POE card 1 x QIG 1 x Utility CD PCI Express Power over ethernet card, 4-port 1000 Base(T), 802.3af compliant IPCIE-4POE 1 20 Pin Singnal Pin Singnal Pin Singnal Pin Singnal 1 6 VCC5 11 16 SERIRQ 2 GND 7 12 GND 17 GND 3 8 13 SCL 18 4 9 VCC3 14 SDA 19 5 10 15 SB3V 20