Optional Peripherals ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions Automation Control helical interpolation, T/S curve acceleration and deceleration, online position and speed change, backlash compensation, multiple homing process, etc. The backlash function will compensate the backlash error only when the motion direction is changed. The simultaneous motion to draw a circle various mechanism requirements. absolute homing reference. Compare function for you to generate a trigger pulse output at designed counter value direction will deceleration to VL to change direction and Z axis doing linear interpolation. Simultaneously start/stop on multiple axes Direction, CW/CCW and A/B Phase 2~4 Axes Linear Interpolation T/S Curve Acceleration and deceleration Backlash Compensation Manual Pulse Generator Input Any 2 Axes Circular Interpolation Online Position and Speed Change Multiple Homing Process Compare Trigger Output 2+1 Axes Helical Interpolation Simultaneously Start/Stop Pulse Output Mode End coordinates (10, 4) Y (Slave axis) 4 3 1 0 0 10 Y x y z r velocity VH VL Tacc_ms Tdec_ms time VH VL time Tdec_ms Tsdec_ms Tsdec_ms Tacc_ms Tsacc_ms Tsacc_ms Velocity PCISN300_position_change( ) Time Time Velocity PCISN300_position_change( ) Operating pitch circles Backlash (Iransverseoperating) Limit - Sensor Limit + Sensor Home Sensor trigger time Y Z A time time time time A phase B phase x 4 pulse x 1 pulse Velocity trigger Compare counter t t pulse Direction CW CCW A B phase Automation Control-2017-V10