All-in-One System Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Video Capture Solutions Industrial Computing Solutions PowerSupply/ Peripherals With a similar size, CFast is mainly different from CF card in its interface, connector, and most importantly, faster read and write speeds. CFast, with SATA 6Gb/s interface and 7-pin plus 17-pin connector, offers data transfer rates of sequential reads up to 470 MB/sec and of sequential writes up to 250 MB/sec. CF card, with PATA interface and 50-pin CF connector, offers data transfer rates of sequential reads up to 100 MB/sec and of sequential writes up to 95 MB/sec. The optional ATA Security Mode feature set is a password system that restricts access to user data stored on a device. The purpose is to prevent unauthorized access or a virus. Model Name ICT-2000 AS ICT-2000 AM ICF-9000 ICF-2000 ICF-1000 Picture Capacity 2GB~64GB 8GB~128GB 4GB~32GB 512MB~8GB 128MB~8GB 128MB~16GB Sequential R/W (Max.) 285/260 MB/sec 310/240 MB/sec 110/100 MB/sec 40/30 MB/sec 40/28 MB/sec 30/15 MB/sec Flash Type SLC MLC SLC SLC SLC SLC IDE Transfer Mode Yes Yes PIO mode 0-6 MwDMA mode 0-4 UltraDMA mode 0-7 PIO mode 0-4 MwDMA mode 0-4 UltraDMA mode 0-4 PIO mode 0-4 MwDMA mode 0-4 UltraDMA mode 0-4 PIO mode 0-6 MwDMA mode 0-4 UltraDMA mode 0-4 Operating Temp. 0°C~+70°C (Standard)/-40°C~+85°C (Industrial) Storage Temp. -40°C~+100°C -55°C~+95°C -40°C~+100°C Vibration/Shock (7/2000Hz)/(0.5ms) Vibration: 15 (G), 10~2000 (Hz) Shock: 1,500 G, 0.5 ms 1500G/0.5ms 1500G/0.5ms DC Power Input Supply voltage: 3.3V ICF: +3.3V-+5V single power supply operation Supply voltage: 3.3V & 5V Power Consumption (Max.) 390mA 525mA 0.75W (5V x 125mA@210mA) 95 mA Dimensions (mm) 42.8 x 36.4 x 3.6 42.8 x 36.4 x 3.3 42.8 x 36.4 x 3.3 ATA Security Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes S.M.A.R.T Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No P/N STD (0°C~+70°C) ICT-2000IA-2GB ICT-2000IA-4GB ICT-2000IA-8GB ICT-2000IA-16GB ICT-2000IA-32GB ICT-2000IA-64GB ICT-2000IAM-8GB ICT-2000IAM-16GB ICT-2000IAM-32GB ICT-2000IAM-64GB ICT-2000IAM-128GB ICF-9000CD-4GB ICF-9000CD-8GB ICF-9000CD-16GB ICF-9000CD-32GB ICF-2000IPD-512MB ICF-2000IPD-1GB ICF-2000IPD-2GB ICF-2000IPD-4GB ICF-2000IPD-8GB ICF-1000IPD-1GB-R20 ICF-1000IPD-2GB-R20 ICF-1000IPD-4GB-R20 ICF-1000IPD-8GB-R20 ICF-1000IA-128MB-R20 ICF-1000IA-256MB-R20 ICF-1000IA-512MB-R20 ICF-1000IA-1GB-R20 ICF-1000IA-2GB-R20 ICF-1000IA-4GB-R20 ICF-1000IA-8GB-R20 WT (-40°C~+85°C) ICT-2000WA-2GB ICT-2000WA-4GB ICT-2000WA-8GB ICT-2000WA-16GB ICT-2000WA-32GB ICT-2000WA-64GB ICT-2000WAM-8GB ICT-2000WAM-16GB ICT-2000WAM-32GB ICT-2000WAM-64GB ICT-2000WAM- 128GB ICF-9000WD-4GB ICF-9000WD-8GB ICF-9000WD-16GB ICF-9000WD-32GB ICF-2000WPD-512MB ICF-2000WPD-1GB ICF-2000WPD-2GB ICF-2000WPD-4GB ICF-2000WPD-8GB ICF-1000WPD-1GB-R20 ICF-1000WPD-2GB-R20 ICF-1000WPD-4GB-R20 ICF-1000WPD-8GB-R20 ICF-1000WA-128MB-R20 ICF-1000WA-256MB-R20 ICF-1000WA-512MB-R20 ICF-1000WA-1GB-R20 ICF-1000WA-2GB-R20 ICF-1000WA-4GB-R20 ICF-1000WA-8GB-R20 CFast 3SE: Pin Directions Pin S6: Tx+ Pin S5: Tx- Pin S3: Rx- Pin S2: Rx+ iCF9000: IDE Pin Flash Module-2017-V10