All-in-One System Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Video Capture Solutions Industrial Computing Solutions PowerSupply/ Peripherals Item Model Watt ACE-717CX 170W 24 DC Item Model Watt ACE-4840APM 400W AC ACE-828M 280W AC Open Frame ACE-713APM 130W AC ACE-706AM 60W AC Medical Item Model Watt ACE-A160A 600W AC ACE-A140A 400W AC ACE-A130B 300W AC ACE-932A 300W AC ACE-828A 280W AC ACE-828M 280W AC ACE-932T 300W 48 DC ACE-A225A 250W AC ACE-716A 150W AC ACE-716AP 150W AC ACE-716C 150W 24 DC ACE-723T 200W 48 DC Open Frame ACE-713APM 130W AC The 80 PLUS power supply saves energy and money to keep up with the latest market trends. ErP These products are aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption. Scope: Anything that is Class B EMC (Class A out of scope) A high efficiency power supply saves energy by reducing the amount of energy used during the current transferring process. Reducing the heat output helps to lower the system temperature and increase system reliability. A high efficiency power supply reduces energy consumption, which means savings on your electric bills. A high efficiency power supply can achieve a lower operating temperature. When the fan operates at a lower speed, it produces less noise. A high efficiency power supply can reduce heat generated inside the power supply and increase its operating hours. Power Supply Off mode & Standby mode Off mode Standby mode Adapter Maximum Energy Consumption in No-Load Mode Output power power supplies 0.30W 0.30W Po > 51W 0.50W N/A + Power Supply-Intro-2017-V10