All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Video Capture Solutions Industrial Computing Solutions Industrial Computer Chassis Model Name EBC-3220 Platform Case only Chassis Color Black Motherboard Motherboard Model Refer to KINO Series Storage Hard Drive Buttons Power switch Mounting Desktop, wall mount, VESA mount Operating Temperature Recommended CPU Cooler tKINO-BW Fanless KINO-DQM170 KINO-DH810 KINO-DBT Fanless eKINO-BT Fanless KINO-DA750-i2 CF-989B-RS KINO-KBN/SE-i2 KINO-DQM871-i1 KINO-DH610 KINO-QM770 CF-989A-RS KINO-QM670 CF-989A-RS KINO-QM57A CF-989A-RS, CF-989B-RS KINO-HM551 CF-989A-RS KINO-CV/D2550/N26001 Fanless KINO-PV-D4252/D5252 Description 32001-010800-100-RS 63040-010060-110-RS 63040-010084-010-RS EBC-3220 Designs for Mini-ITX SBC with single voltage input Space critical application Cost-effective, RoHS compliant design Description EBC-3220-R11 EBC-3220-2017-V10