All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Industrial Computing Solutions Video Capture Solutions ITDB-100 Series-2017-V10 ITDB-100 Series Dimensions Mounting Bracket Dimensions Accessories » Bar Light Unit » Coaxial Light » Proximity sensor » Photoelectric sensor The ITDB digital input and output ports enable connection to external devices, such as detectors (e.g. When input and output mechanisms are connected, you can manually or automatically request through the ITDB management software either from a remote PC, android phone or tablet, QNAP NAS or using Bar Light Unit Coaxial Light ITDB-100 Series Input Flash box Interrupt Mounting bracket size (50x31x8 mm) Mounting bracket screw size: M2 Mounting screw Mounting Way Support up to 2 Trigger Connection Ports Applications for Logistics Schematic Diagram Group Pin Description 1 1 Output of LED Flash Trigger 2 Ground for the Output LED Flash Trigger 2 3 Input of Interrupt Trigger 4 Ground for the Input of Interrupt Trigger