Optional Peripherals ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions Automation Control and provides fully digital servo drive serial interface, which can reach a high speed, high resolution, high reliability of motion control performance robot controller has scalability, can be integrated with vision cards, I/O cards, A/D card, D/A functional expansion card, etc.. Joint/Cartesian/Tool Mode Robot can maintain the relative motion with the workpiece which is moving Provide external device control by built-in I/O function PTP/Line/ Arc Motion Command Vertical articulated robot Delta robot/SCARA robot Provide program control and parameter arithmetic function, including “if then else”, ”for next”, “goto”, ”while wend”, etc. Can add motion/vision/IO card in robot controller for extension functions The use of three-point calibration to verify the work coordinates Support CAD/CAM data input to Compensate the backlash error when the motion direction is changed Operating pitch circles Provide TCP/IP function to communicate with external devices, link PLC and vision system Multiple Coordinates Support Real-time Computing Synchronization Control External Device Control Multiple Motion Function Multiple Type Support Program Control Function Additional Card Work Coordinate Support CAD/CAM Data Input Backlash Compensation External Communication Backlash (Iransverseoperating) Z Robot Automation Control-2017-V10