Automation Control ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions Optional Peripherals Optional Peripherals-2017-V10 Model Name AUPS-A10 / AUPS-A20 AUPS-B10 / AUPS-B20 Input Power AUPS-A10 (12V) AUPS-B10 (12V) AUPS-A20 (9~36V) AUPS-B20 (9~36V) Dimensions (mm) 150 x 95 x 34 170 x 150 x 34 Battery Capacity 28 Wh (Watt/Hour) 56 Wh (Watt/Hour) Output Power 60W (5A@12V) 100W (8.3A@12V) VESA Support (mm) 75 x 75 75 x 75 / 100 x 100 Features Protect your panel PC from electrical damage and greatly reduce the risk of losing data. The UPS module serves as temporary power dur- ing a short break in power and allows a safe system shutdown for longer periods of power loss. LED Signal Table LED 1 LED 2 LED 3 Color Green Orange Function Power Input Charging Status Battery Status Dark DC Power Out Light DC Power In Discharging Battery Full Blinking Charging Battery Low B. Battery Status USB Console Port 1.DC 9V~36V input by terminal block (Only AUPS-A20 / AUPS-B20) 2. (1) Only 12V input by DC jack (AUPS-A10 / AUPS-B10) (2) Wide 9V~36V input by DC jack (AUPS-A20 / AUPS-B20) by RJ-45 Ethernet 12V/9~36V DC Input, 12V DC Output Uninterruptible Power Supply Module with Diagnostics