w w w. i ei wor l d.c o m About IEI-2017-V10 Group of Devices Both local and remote management External and on-chip voltages data feedback CPU and system temperature data feedback Cooling fan speed data feedback Cooling fan speed controlled by PWM/On-Off/Automatic Mode Warning sound provided by the buzzer WDT test Programmable digital I/O Remote power on/off control Note: Please disable the UAC function or enable Administrator The IEI Intelligent System Management Module (iSMM) is a system health supervision application which utilizes sensor chips on IEI motherboards to track CPU and system temperatures, fan speed, watchdog timer, digital I/O status and system event. By quickly capturing and reporting system health data, users can prevent disasters such as system instability or damage. iSMM Device Driver CPU Thermal Diode/ Thermistor Voltage Planes Warning Signal PWN/DC Fan Tachs User App API IEI API provides a quick and easy tool for developing applications for your customers. iSMM Library/DLL Hardware Portion Update iSMM+ supported EC: 1. iWDD IW0001E 2. ITE IT8528E iSMM supported Super I/O: 1. Winbond W83627 2. Winbond W83697 3. ITE IT8712 4. ITE IT8718 5. ITE IT8783F 6. Fintek F81216D 7. Fintek F81865 8. SMSC SCH311x Hardware Kernel Model User Model