All-in-One System Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Video Capture Solutions Industrial Computing Solutions PowerSupply/ Peripherals PFC Option 1 30 cm DC cable to CPU card with 4-pin 12 V CPU, HDD and SATA connectors 30 cm DC cable AT power to P8P9 with HDD and SATA connectors Part No. Description ACE-716A-RS 150W AC-DC AT Power Supply ACE-716AP-RS 150W AC-DC AT Power Supply, with PFC +5V -5V 18 A (1 A min.) 4 A 0.5 A 1 A Operating: -20°C ~ 70°C (50°C ~ 70°C derating curve) Storage: -20°C ~ 85°C 149,000 Optional cable 198 x 97 x 40.5 ACE-716A/AP-2017-V10 150 W 1U Type AT Power Supply ACE-716A/AP 150W +5V -5V 6 A 8 A (1 A min.) 8 A (1 A min.) 0.5 A 1 A Operating: 0°C ~ 70°C (can be started up at -20°C) Storage: -40°C ~ 75°C 100,000 5VSB & PS_ON cable 198 x 97 x 39 +5Vsb & PS On cable Option 1 30 cm DC cable for ACE-715VX/717CX power to backplane, with 20-pin ATX, HDD and SATA connector CB Part No. Description ACE-717CX-RS 170W 24V DC input ATX Power Supply 1U 24V DC Input ATX Power Supply ACE-717CX 170W