IEI's smart factory solution improves the production efficiency and warehouse management accuracy. To catch the wave of automatic assembly, robot system will be a major role along with the machine vision and motion control solutions. For factory solutions with various form factors. One big trend in the future is the introduction of “transport systems” in the warehouse. The autonomous vehicles which can sense their surroundings independently using laser scanners, infrared sensors, and The autonomous vehicles (autonomous transport robots) can travel on a track, form the basic elements of the solution. The panel PC, mobile computer and embedded computers form the entire control system. Warehouse Management System Intelligent Energy Management IEI industrial machines can immediately transmit essential operating data — including energy consumption and status. This adds a continuous stream of useful data for plant managers and industrial engineers that can be mined across a facility's machines to detect key trends and worrisome failures. In other words, vital micro machine data gets aggregated into a valuable macro view of a facility. Warehouse Management System Intelligent Energy Management Smart Factory Solution-2017-V10 IEI Smart Factory Solution