Optional Peripherals ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions Automation Control MSC Series MSC series, utilizing the latest image sensor and DSP. This Machine Vision Camera embeds with extra ARM CPU which realizes camera side Video Analytics features and could lower the total cost by removing the PC from the system structure. Moreover, open API commands and modulized software features allow partners easier integrating or developing the advanced features/applications into their own software. Moreover, users could access the cameras via every kind of browsers, like IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. All features could be conveniently set up via web interface through PC, NB, Pad, and Phones. With built-in Video Analytics features, partners could ship out the equipment in a short time. Dynacolor also provides full customization service and development video processing algorithms image processing algorithms, MSC series will be very helpful on reducing development time and cost to equipment manufacturers. Machine Vision Camera MSC Series Automation Control-2017-V10 * as option feature ° Lens Rotation Support 48 105.5 50