w w w. ie iwo r l d . co m Under the rugged environment of mining industry, products with wide humidity and temperature support are widely needed. Sensitive touch screen with high brightness and wide viewing angle is also suitable for this application. IEI offers industrial monitors in various sizes and optional touch screen types for mining industrial applications. IEI motherboards with dual independent display output and interface support are also suitable for modern design. Customers can also collocation IEI peripherals with wide temperature support with our system for various applications. Mining Industry Energy industrial workstations usually locate in ruggedized environment far from support force. IEI Extreme Environment series are all with fan-less cooling design to lower the system failure opportunity from losing fan and increase the reliability. Dual LAN support and further expansion ability also provide stable internet connection for remote system monitoring and control. IEI provide system health supervision API for customers to prevent disasters such as system instability or damage by quickly capturing and reporting system health data. Mining Industry Energy ▲DM-F24A ▲WAFER-BTW2 ◄MPCIE-UART About IEI-2017-V10 Aerospace Military Heavy Industry KIOSK Target Market of Wide Temperature Products IEI Extreme Environment series – design for operating in high or low temperatures, under thermal shock, high humidity or startups in low temperature. IEI wide temperature products account for most of these demands. The system must be very reliable under every possible operating condition, and it must provide the highest level of failure tolerance since system failures often result in high costs. Wide Temperature Design solution and Testing ensures the system's reliability under extreme operating environments. Measurement System Transportation With the popularization of commercial aircraft, in-flight system has improved with computing and the market has also been growing. IEI Extreme Environment series products with outstanding graphic performance, smarter power saving design and good expansion possibility are competitive and suitable for in-flight entertainment (IFE) system under dramatic temperature change. For Extreme Environment series, the supply guarantee we provide is up to 5 years with reliable qualities and affordable price. Aerospace Military applications are usually under operating in various environments and with special design portion which should be properly protected. CPU on module products from IEI Extreme Environment series offer fast and fully supportive baseboard/ BIOS customization services and rich features with high flexibility for every different application. IEI also provides industrial level monitors from 12.1 och to 24 och with IP65 designs and comprehensive video input which fulfill different need Military ▲ICE-BT-T10 ▲DM-F12A ▲NANO-ALW2 Energy ▲EBC-1100 IEI Extreme Environment Series New Wide Temperature Products