Automation Control ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions Optional Peripherals Optional Peripherals-2017-V10 Model Name AUPS-A10 AUPS-A20 AUPS-B10 AUPS-B20 VESA Type VESA 75 VESA 75 VESA 75 and 100 VESA 75 and 100 Input Data Input voltage Uinated/range DC +12V DC +9V~+36V DC +12V DC +9V~+36V Input current rated 1. Adapter is 12V-6A (Load is 60W) 2. Battery is 6V-12A (Load is 60W) 1. Adapter is 12V-9A (Load is 100W) 2. Battery is 12V-9A (Load is 100W) Standby power consumption 0.3A (0.2A if Network Management disabled) Operation with charging current 500mA Operation with charging power consumption 6W 10W Charging time with system ON/OFF 8hrs / 2hrs (Battery empty) Output Data Output voltage for normal operation DC +12V +/-5% Output voltage for battery operation(approx). 6~8.4V DC6 V (exhaustive discharge protection) 12~16.8V DC12 V (exhaustive discharge protection) Output current 0A~5A 0A~8.3A Efficiency (nominal operation) / power loss at Vin=12V, Iout=80% of full loading 89% 93% 95% 94% Protection Short-circuit protection Yes Exhaustive discharge protection 1. Battery low is 10% of battery capacity 2. Shuntdown 5% of battery capacity (Default) 3. The end of battery discharge voltage is 6V EMC / Safety certification CE, FCC Monitoring Ethernet interface Web-based, specification 10/100Mbps with RJ-45 connection, Cat. 5 cable USB interface PC-capable, specification 2.0 with full speed, i.e. 2 Mbit/s. Standard 4-core shielded cable, USB Series "mini B" con- nector to DC-UPS Physical Dimensions (LxWxH) 152mm x 96mm x 28mm 174mm x 147mm x 35mm Weight 1.2 kg 1.8 kg LED Indicator Green DC power input Yellow Battery charging Orange Bettery discharging Environment Operating Tem. 0°C~40°C Storage Tem. -20°C~50°C Model Name AUPS-A10 AUPS-A20 AUPS-B10 AUPS-B20 Battery Model Name BAT-LI-2S2P3800 BAT-LI-4S2P3800 Battery Battery type Li-Ion 2S2P 7.4V Li-Ion 4S2P 14.8V Battery capacity 7.4V 3800 mAH 14.8V, 3800 mAH Maximum charge voltage 8.4V 16.8V The end of discharging voltage 5.6V 11.2V Recommended charging current (max.) 2A 2A System continuous discharging current (max.) 7.6A 7.6A The end of charge condition 250mA / 1Min 200mA / 1Min Discharge protection Under voltage protection / Over current protection Charge protection Over voltage protection / Over current protection Ambient temperature 0°C~40°C Storage temperature -20°C~60°C Self-discharge rate 340uA~440uA Dimensions (LxWxH) 139mm x 47mm x 26mm 165mm x 76mm x 26mm Weight 236g 450g Cycle life 300 charge / discharge cycles Backup 60W / 10Min 100W / 10Min Safety class CE, FCC AFOLUX PPC AUPS-A10 AUPS-A20 AUPS-B10 AUPS-B20 Under 50W solution AFL-057-LX (15W~20W) 145min 145min 290min 290min AFL-07A-N270 (20W~25W) 100min 100min 200min 200min AFL-08AH-N270 (25W~30W) 70min 70min 140min 140min AFL-10A-N270 (25~30W) 70min 70min 140min 140min AFL-10A-9103 (40W~45W) 50min 50min 100min 100min AFL-10A-LX (25W~30W) 70min 70min 140min 140min AFL-12A-LX (25W~30W) 70min 70min 140min 140min AFL-12B-CX2 (38W~42W) 50min 50min 100min 100min AFL-12A-N270 (25W~30W) 70min 70min 140min 140min AFL-12B-9103 (45W~48W) 45min 45min 90min 90min 50W ~ 100W solution AFL-15B-915-CM370 (58W~63W) - - 35min 35min AFL-15C-9652-T7500 (65W~70W) - - 30min 30min AFL-17B-915-CM370 (75W~80W) - - 25min 25min AFL-17C-9652-T7500 (85W~90W) - - 20min 20min AFL-19B-915-CM370 (75W~80W) - - 25min 25min AFL-19C-9652-T7500 (85W~90W) - - 20min 20min BAT-LI-4S2P3800 BAT-LI-2S2P3800 Note: Replacing battery module every 2 years is recommended. Note: The backup time could be varied on different models or operating temperature.