All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Industrial Computing Solutions Video Capture Solutions YPbPr HDMI DP DVI-I 3G-SDI The HDC-701EL video capture card supports full HD video compression using H.264 technology. It offers one channel HDMI/DP/DVI-I/ YPbPr/3G-SDI input and one channel HDMI bypass output.It supports multiple input type, allowed one channel encode,PiP screen encode from two video source, OSD screen encode, crop the video and then encode. User can preview thel video from HDMI bypass output during editing or encoding video. Multiple input type supported by HDC-701EL: HDMI interface DP interface DVI-I interface 3G-SDI interface VGA interface YPbPr interface which supports sync on green PIP Application OSD Application It can convert a signal from a lower resolution to a higher resolution without affecting the video quality. It can convert a non-standard resolution (such as 1280*960) to the resolution supported by the HDC-701EL. The video sources from two interfaces can be displayed on the same screen simultaneously and the PiP screen can be encoded by the HDC-701EL. Picture in Picture (PiP) Function Information such as date,resolution etc. and the video source can be displayed on the same screen simultaneously and the OSD screen can be encoded by the HDC-701EL. OSD (on-screen display) Cuts the outer part of an image in order to improve the composition, emphasize the subject or change the ratio. Cropping Healthcare Solution HDC-701EL-2017-V10 Computer Monitor with HDC-701EL 1. Can display two different sources together. 2. Allows you to adjust where to put the small video. 3. Can display two videos and record the videos at the same time. Monitor The raw data from two different signals can be displayed at the same time. HDC-701EL With PIP Function Video Input Source (choose two different interfaces from Computer Monitor Monitor Date:2016/ 11/25 Time: 15:05 Operating Room: A567 Doctor name: IEI YPbPr HDMI DP DVI-I 3G-SDI HDC-701EL With OSD Function Capture HDMI Out Video Input Source surgery with the OSD information can be recorded by using the HDC-701EL capture card of many possible scenarios in which the HDC-701EL is used to capture video with OSD information. In addition to that, IEI is capable to customize the OSD information to be