All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Video Capture Solutions Industrial Computing Solutions Industrial Computer Chassis Construction Heavy duty metal Half-size, slot CPU cards I/O Ports I/O Openings 3 slots Indicators Power, HDD Buttons Power switch, reset Operating Temperature Color Description PAC-53GHW-R11/916AP/IP-3S IP-3S-RS-R40, RoHS PAC-53GHW-R11/916AP/BP-3S BP-3S-RS-R40, RoHS PAC-53GHW-R11/A618A 3-slot half-size compact chassis, white, with Type Model No. Watt AT 150W ATX 180W please refer to section 5 or visit Model No. SBC Type PCI ISA PCle PSU Connector BP-3S-RS ISA 0 3 0 0 0 AT IP-3S-RS PCISA 0 0 0 0 AT IP-3SA-RS PCISA 0 0 0 0 ATX PAC-53GH-2017-V10 PAC-53GH RoHS compliant design Two USB ports on the front panel HDD is not included in package LPT Opening COM Opening Power LED HDD LED Reset Button Power Switch