IEI Smart Retail Solution AFL3 Series Locker System IEI smart cabinet solution provides temporary baggage lockers for customers without any keys. This is also a new concept of parcel delivery. It can cave logistic cost, and customers won't need to wait at home for parcels. Access Control barcode wristbands and the IEI industrial using facilities, and the usage status of every facility can be monitored as well. Payment ID can also be embedded in the wristband so that customers don't have to bring cash in the play area. Parking System IEI smart parking solution uses the UHF reading system to identify UHF tags which to the parking gate, and the system will automatically verify the tag ID to open the gate. IOVU Series ICECARE Series UHF Reading System MODAT Series IVS Series IEI Smart Amusement Park Smart Retail Solution-2017-V10