www. m oxa. com Oil & Gas Displays and Panel Computers > EXPC-1519 Series Oil & Gas Displays and Panel Computers 25-14 25 Appearance Front View Bottom View (EXPC-1519-C1-S3-T, EXPC-1519-C7-S3-T) Bottom View (EXPC-1519-C1-S1-T, EXPC-1519-C7-S1-T, EXPC-1519-C1-S2-T, EXPC-1519-C7-S2-T) Rear View (EXPC-1519-C1-S1-T, EXPC-1519-C7-S1-T) *Viewed at a 5-degree angle Out-of-the-box view; connectors must be installed by the user View with connectors installed Connector Panel Optional Antenna Port (N type) Optional M20 Cable Glands Fiber Port x2 Ethernet Port x 2 USB 2.0 x 3 Serial Port x 2 VGA Port AC Input DC Input Control Button x 7 LED Indicator x 10 Reserved for M20 Cable Gland X 6 2.5-inch SATA/CFast Slot Ethernet Port AC Power Input DC Power Input USB 2.0 Port Reserved for Ethernet Port Reserved for USB 2.0 Port 2.5-inch SATA/CFast Slot