IP Surveillance 19-47 www.mo xa .c o m IP Surveillance > VPort Video Gadget 19 VPort Video Gadget Coding-free programming method specially designed for SCADA systems Embedding video into a SCADA system has always been a big hassle for system integrators, since they needed to invest the time and effort to study the IP video device’s ActiveX SDK (software development kit), and then struggle to write bug-free code. In order to reduce the amount of programming effort required, Moxa has created a coding-free VPort Video Gadget is basically a collection of pre-programmed function objects for embedding video into a SCADA system. Functions include connecting/disconnecting the VPort, displaying a video, closing a video, controlling PTZ, enabling/disabling audio, and taking snapshot images. There is no need for the system engineer to spend time writing the code, which is a huge benefit since it can save a lot of time and engineering resources. For videos recorded with Moxa SoftNVR-IA or MxNVR-IA, VPort video gadget provides a remote playback function object for playing recorded videos on a SCADA HMI. The SCADA system integrator can easily design the search and playback of recorded videos using this remote playback function. Only a few steps are required to use VPort Video Gadget: • Drag & drop the selected function object • Input the required parameters into the appropriate columns • Save, and the function programming task is done • Supports Citect, InTouch, and Cimplicity third-party SCADA systems Obviously, the key benefit provided by VPort Video Gadget is to greatly reduce the amount of programming effort required to integrate IP video into SCADA software. But more than that, with VPort Video Gadget your IP video system will no longer be separate from your automation system. Instead, it will just be one more element of the automation system, on the same par as I/O sensor alarms, motors, and other items. programming tool, called VPort Video Gadget, which is included with VPort ActiveX SDK PLUS. VPort Video Gadget has the potential to save system engineers an enormous amount of programming time and effort. About VPort Video Gadget Using VPort Video Gadget A Great Tool for Automation Systems Note: The precise way to use VPort Video Gadget may be different for different SCADA systems. However, regardless of which SCADA system you use, VPort Video Gadget is 100% coding-free. To get VPort Video Gadget, download Moxa VPort ActiveX SDK PLUS from the download center on Moxa’s website. Introduction