5-16 www. m oxa. com MXview 5 Industrial Network Security and Management Industrial Network Security and Management > Supported Devices MXview v2.6 supports the following devices by default. Series Model Name Firmware AWK Series AWK-1121 V1.4 AWK-1127 V1.4 AWK-3121 V1.6 AWK-3131 V1.1 AWK-4121 V1.6 AWK-4131 V1.1 EDR Series EDR-G903 V2.1 EDR-G902 V1.0 EDR-810 V3.2 EDS Series EDS-405A/408A V2.6 EDS-405A/408A-EIP V3.0 EDS-405A/408A-PN V3.1 EDS-405A-PTP V3.3 EDS-505A/508A/516A V2.6 EDS-510A V2.6 EDS-518A V2.6 EDS-510E/518E V4.0 EDS-G508E/G512E/ G516E V4.0 EDS-G512E-8PoE V4.0 EDS-608/611/616/619 V1.1 EDS-728 V2.6 EDS-828 V2.6 EDS-G509 V2.6 EDS-P510 V2.6 EDS-P510A-8PoE V3.1 EDS-P506A-4PoE V2.6 EOM Series EOM-104/104-FO V1.2 ICS Series ICS-G7526/G7528 V1.0 ICS-G7826/G7828 V1.1 ICS-G7748/G7750/ G7752 V1.2 ICS-G7848/G7850/ G7852 V1.2 ICS-G7526A/G7528A V4.0 ICS-G7826A/G7828A V4.0 ICS-G7748A/G7750A/ G7752A V4.0 ICS-G7848A/G7850A/ G7852A V4.0 Series Model Name Firmware IEX Series IEX-402-SHDSL V1.0 IEX-402-VDSL2 V1.0 IKS Series IKS-6726/6728 V2.6 IKS-6524/6526 V2.6 IKS-G6524 V1.0 IKS-G6824 V1.1 IKS-6728-8PoE V3.1 IKS-6726A/6728A V4.0 IKS-G6524A V4.0 IKS-G6824A V4.0 IKS-6728A-8PoE V4.0 ioLogik Series ioLogik E2210 V3.7 ioLogik E2212 V3.7 ioLogik E2214 V3.7 ioLogik E2240 V3.7 ioLogik E2242 V3.7 ioLogik E2260 V3.7 ioLogik E2262 V3.7 ioLogik W5312 V1.7 ioLogik W5340 V1.8 MGate Series MGate MB3170 V1.0 MGate MB3180 V1.0 MGate MB3270 V1.0 MGate MB3280 V1.0 MGate MB3480 V1.0 MGate MB3660 V1.0 MGate EIP3170 V1.0 MGate EIP3270 V1.0 MGate 5101-PBM-MN V1.1 MGate 5102-PBM-PN V1.1 MGate 5105-MB-EIP V1.0 MGate W5108 V1.2 MGate W5208 V1.2 Series Model Name Firmware NPort Series NPort S8455 V1.3 NPort S8458 V1.3 NPort 5110 V2.4 NPort 5130/5150 V3.4 NPort 5210/5230/5232 V2.6 NPort 5410/5430/5450 V3.9 NPort 5600-8-DT/5650-8-DT V2.2 NPort 5600 V3.5 NPort 5610-8-DTL/5650-8- DTL V1.1 NPort 5110A/5130A/5150A V1.1 NPort 5210A/5230A/5250A V1.1 NPort IA5150/IA5250 V1.4 NPort IA5150A/IA5250A V1.1 NPort IA5450A V1.2 NPort 6150/6250/6450 V1.9 NPort 6610-8/6610-16/6610- 32 V1.9 NPort 6650-8/6650-16/6650- 32 V1.9 NPort 5150AI-M12 V1.0 NPort 5250AI-M12 V1.0 NPort 5450AI-M12 V1.0 PT Series PT-7528 V3.0 PT-7710 V1.2 PT-7728 V2.6 PT-7828 V2.6 PT-G7509 V1.1 PT-508/510 V3.0 PT-G503-PHR-PTP V4.0 TN Series TN-5508/5510 V1.1 TN-5516/5518 V1.2 TN-5508-4PoE V2.6 TN-5516-8PoE V2.6 VPort Series VPort 26A-1MP V1.2 VPort 36-1MP V1.1 VPort P06-1MP-M12 V2.2 Note: MXview supports the listed or higher firmware versions. Note: Additional model names will be added as MXview is updated. Check Moxa’s website for the most up-to-date information.