2-6 www. m oxa. com Industry-Specific Ethernet Switches > Introduction to EN 50155 Ethernet Switches 2 Industry-Specific Ethernet Switches Moxa’s ToughNet Ethernet switches are specially designed to meet EN 50155, the onboard standard for electronic equipment, which encompasses not just EMC requirements but also shock, vibration, extended temperature range, humidity, and power supply variations. To let users choose a precise solution to fit their railway Enable High Network Availability with Excellent Redundancy Future-Proof Gigabit Solution Enables Next-Generation Train Networks Power-over-Ethernet Simplifies Network Connections Many new applications in the railway industry, such as video surveillance, emergency intercom, and web-like entertainment require large amounts of bandwidth. Moxa’s TN-5510A/5518A provides 2 Gigabit ports to allow video, audio, and data transmission over a single network. All applications can benefit from the ToughNet series’ PoE function. Network designers can take advantage of the Power-over-Ethernet technology to power networked devices in difficult to reach locations and to simplify field wiring to reduce installation costs. networks, over 100 models are offered. The product line supports the comprehensive features for next-generation train networks, including 10/100/1000 Mbps transmission rate, Power-over-Ethernet, Turbo Ring, bypass relay, and various mounting options. Wide Power Input Range For universal applications Robust vibration-proof connection • M23 connector Gigabit Bandwidth For a higher level of passenger comfort and security Compliant with Industry Standards • EN 50155 • EN 50121-4 • EN 45545-2 M12 Connectors Robust vibration-proof connections Tough Design Withstands harsh environments Extensive Selection of EN 50155 Switches for Onboard Train Communications • -40 to 75°C operating temp. • Die-cast metal housing • IP54 protection • Panel or DIN-rail mounting • Fan-less design • Supports 24 to 110 VDC • Redundant power inputs (non-PoE models) • Gigabit TP ports with or without bypass relay function • Gigabit ports with X-coded M12 connectors Turbo Ring™ for Ring Redundancy All of Moxa’s managed Ethernet switches support Turbo Ring™, which has a super fast fault recovery of under 20 ms at a full load of 250 Ethernet switches to minimize downtime caused by network failure. If a path in the network fails, the system will return to normal communication in under 20 ms. Bypass Relay Function for Linear Topologies In a linear topology, a failure in any of the upstream links will result in the failure of the downstream links as well. For railway communication systems with interconnected networks, such a failure will cause chaos. To prevent such a failure, Moxa’s TN-5510A/5518A series provides 2 optional Gigabit Ethernet ports with bypass relay function. If one of the Ethernet switches fails due to power loss, its ports are bypassed with the relay circuit, and the transmission lines will interconnect automatically to assure continuous system operation.