11-9 www.mo xa .c o m Embedded Device Servers > 11 MiiNePort E2-SDK Serial Connectivity MiiNePort E2-SDK MiiNePort E2 software development kit MiiNePort E2-SDK is a powerful and versatile software suite for proprietary firmware development on the MiiNePort E2. To expedite time-to-market, the MiiNePort E2-SDK provides comprehensive tools for development, testing, and mass production. The software development kit includes: MiiNePort-IDE—integrated platform for development of serial-to- Ethernet firmware. The MiiNePort-IDE is an Eclipse-based platform which includes a powerful source code editor, C/C++ compiler, and source-level debugger tool. The MiiNePort-IDE also offers wizard assistance for step-by-step development of SNMP, Telnet, configuration, and PComm Lite—software application for testing serial and TCP/IP communication/transmission. Search Utility—search-and-update firmware utility for mass production of modules and serial devices through simultaneous multiple-unit configurations. Overview Friendly Interface Source-Level Debugging MiiNePort–IDE (Eclipse-based Software Development Tool) application functions. In addition, serial-to-Ethernet sample codes are provided for reference to assist in firmware development. For complex operating modes, such as RealCOM and Ethernet modem, MiiNePort- IDE offers ready-to-run firmware with minimal configuration required. › ›Eclipse-based integrated software development tool › ›Source level debugger › ›Various serial-to-Ethernet sample codes › ›Mass production tool for easy firmware upload › ›Support Real COM mode operation functions Specifications System Information CPU: 32-bit ARM Core RAM: 4 MB built in Flash: 2 MB built in Ethernet Interface Number of Ports: 1 Speed: 10/100 Mbps, auto MDI/MDIX Magnetic Isolation Protection: 1.5 kV built-in