19-30 www. m oxa. com IP Surveillance IP Surveillance > VPort P06-1MP-M12 Series 19 Ordering Information Optional Accessories (can be purchased separately) SoftNVR-IA: 64-channel IP surveillance software for industrial automation applications VP-SCO1: Side-cable-out adapter for mounting the VPort P06-1MP-M12 on a surface VP-FP1: Fixed plate with threaded screw holes for mounting the VPort P06-1MP-M12 directly over a ceiling aperature Package Checklist • VPort P06-1MP-M12 IP camera • L-type Torx screwdriver • 4 indented hexagon head tapping screws, nuts, gaskets and spring washers • Installation sticker • Quick installation guide (printed) • Documentation and software CD • Warranty card Side-cable-out adapter for surface mounting VP-SCO1 Dimensions: Ø110 x 17 (H) mm Material: Plastic Operating temperature: -30 to 120°C Weight: 60 g Plate with threaded screw holes for ceiling mounting VP-FP1 Dimensions: 110 (L) x 40 (W) mm Material: Metal Weight: 40 g Standard Operating Temp. Models Wide Operating Temp. Models Lens Focal Length Line-In/ Microphone -25 to 55°C -40 to 70°C VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM25 VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM25-T 2.5 mm Line-in VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM25 VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM25-T 2.5 mm Microphone VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM36 VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM36-T 3.6 mm Line-in VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM36 VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM36-T 3.6 mm Microphone VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM42 VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM42-T 4.2 mm Line-in VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM42 VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM42-T 4.2 mm Microphone VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM60 VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM60-T 6.0 mm Line-in VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM60 VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM60-T 6.0 mm Microphone VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM80 VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM80-T 8.0 mm Line-in VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM80 VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM80-T 8.0 mm Microphone VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM25-CT VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM25-CT-T 2.5 mm Line-in VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM25-CT VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM25-CT-T 2.5 mm Microphone VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM36-CT VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM36-CT-T 3.6 mm Line-in VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM36-CT VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM36-CT-T 3.6 mm Microphone VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM42-CT VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM42-CT-T 4.2 mm Line-in VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM42-CT VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM42-CT-T 4.2 mm Microphone VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM60-CT VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM60-CT-T 6.0 mm Line-in VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM60-CT VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM60-CT-T 6.0 mm Microphone VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM80-CT VPort P06-1MP-M12-CAM80-CT-T 8.0 mm Line-in VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM80-CT VPort P06-1MP-M12-MIC-CAM80-CT-T 8.0 mm Microphone