Industrial USB > 13 13-18 www. m oxa. com UPort® 1600-16 Series Industrial USB UPort® 1600-16 Series 16-port RS-232 and RS-232/422/485 USB-to-serial converters The UPort® 1600-16 USB-to-serial converters allow you to connect 16 RS-232 or RS-232/422/485 devices to your laptop or workstation through the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. The UPort® 1600-16 converters are compatible with new and legacy serial devices, and they are perfect for instrumentation and manufacturing applications. Manufacturing TFT-LCD (thin-film transistor liquid crystal display) panels is a complicated and highly technical process. The three major stages in TFT-LCD panel production are the array, LC cell, and module assembly processes. In addition, each finished panel must also pass a series of quality inspection tests, which include defect inspection and lighting tests. The most challenging part of the TFT-LCD manufacturing process is achieving zero fault tolerance for high quality and productivity. One of our customers needed a USB-to-serial solution to transmit data between a host and quality inspection equipment in the TFT-LCD manufacturing process. In such a demanding manufacturing environment, adopting multiple ports and Moxa’s ruggedly designed UPort® 1650-16 USB-to-serial converter proved to be the best option. The UPort® 1650-16 has the following features: • Standard 19-inch rackmount size and metal housing for industrial-grade requirements • Up to 16 ports for easy USB-to-serial expansion • 3-in-1 serial ports for a cost-effective solution • True USB 2.0 Hi-Speed transmission for greater productivity • 128-byte FIFO and on-chip hardware and software flow control to ensure stable data transmission during inspection • Each serial port has its own LED indicator for easy troubleshooting Overview Typical Application—TFT-LCD Manufacturing › ›Hi-Speed USB 2.0 for up to 480 Mbps USB transmission › ›921.6 kbps maximum baudrate for super fast data transmission › ›15N high retention USB Type B connector › ›128-byte FIFO and on-chip H/W, S/W flow control › ›Standard 19-inch rack-mountable › ›COM port assignments maintained across different PCs › ›Supports fixed-base COM Utility for setting the initial extended COM port number › ›Mini DB9 female to terminal block adapter for easy wiring › ›Drivers provided for Windows, WinCE, and Linux