7 Industrial Cellular Solutions > Introduction to Industrial Cellular Industrial Wireless www.mo xa .c o m 7-5 Moxa’s WDR-3124A is a 4-in-1 (3G/Wi-Fi/Switch/GPS) smart wireless router that allows users to easily bring Ethernet and wireless traffic to 3G networks. It features an auto-switchover feature that delivers seamless transmission between 802.11n radio and standard HSPA communications. When you set Wi-Fi as the primary communications link and the 3G connection as a redundant back-up path, the traffic will automatically failover to the cellular backup link within milliseconds if the primary link goes down. Seamless auto-switchover offers wireless networks flexible and always-on signal connections. The WDR-3124A supports multiple broadband wireless connections and failover redundancy to simplify a wide variety of mobile applications with reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). Real-time Surveillance When installed on a bus, the WDR-3124A can act as a Wi-Fi client to upload video data to existing wayside APs; the device can auto switch to 2G/3G cellular links to connect with a remote operations center whenever the bus moves out of Wi-Fi coverage range. Intersection Traffic Monitoring The WDR-3124A is ideal for connecting Ethernet devices and Wi-Fi clients to 3G connections for monitoring intersection traffic. The wireless router also supports several VPN protocols to establish a secure connection between remote and central sites. Seamless Wi-Fi to Cellular Switchover OnCell and WDR routers come with several levels of redundancy to enhance cellular connection availability. Dual-SIM service eliminates the risk of an unstable cellular network by offering the ability to insert two SIM cards and automatically switch between two different carriers based on the cellular connection quality. Dual-SIM and Dual-WAN Routing Backup Overview of IP-based Cellular Products OnCell IP-based Products Ethernet-to-Cellular Serial-to-Cellular GuaranLink Dual-SIM Dual-WAN Routing OnCell Central Manager VPN Auto Switchover to Wi-Fi/Cellular OnCell G3111/G3151/G3211/G3251 OnCell G3111/G3151-HSPA    – –  – – OnCell G3110/G3150 OnCell G3110/G3150-HSPA    – –   – OnCell G3470A-LTE  –   –   – OnCell 5004/5104-HSPA  –      – WDR-3124A  –       Dual-WAN routing backup service provides the ability to set up primary and secondary WAN connections. For example, setting Ethernet WAN as the primary WAN route means that the router will primarily communicate with remote sites via the Ethernet WAN. If the path is somehow blocked, the router will automatically switch to the cellular WAN as its outgoing route, and vice versa.