4-10 www. m oxa. com MGate™ MB3170/3270 4 Industrial Ethernet Gateways Industrial Ethernet Gateways > Overview Integrate TCP Masters without Altering the Modbus RTU/ASCII Network or Software MGate™ MB3170/3270 1 and 2-port advanced serial-to-Ethernet Modbus gateways The MGate MB3170 and MB3270 are 1 and 2-port Modbus gateways, respectively, that convert between Modbus TCP, ASCII, and RTU communications protocols. The gateways provide both serial- to-Ethernet communication and serial (Master) to serial (Slave) communications. In addition, the gateways support simultaneously connecting serial and Ethernet masters with serial Modbus devices. The MGate MB3170 and MB3270 series gateways can be accessed by The MB3270 can integrate Modbus TCP with Modbus RTU/ASCII, without modifying the existing Modbus RTU/ASCII architecture or software. With the serial redirector function, a serial master can up to 16 TCP master/clients or connect to up to 32 TCP slave/servers. Routing through the serial ports can be controlled by IP address, TCP port number, or ID mapping. A featured priority control function allows urgent commands to obtain an immediate response. All models are rugged, DIN-rail mountable, and offer optional built-in optical isolation for serial signals. maintain direct access to serial slave devices through a specially mapped serial port. This allows the serial and TCP masters to access serial slaves simultaneously. › ›Accessible by up to 16 TCP master/client devices, or connect to up to 32 TCP slave/server devices › ›Supports up to 31 or 62 serial slave devices › ›Ethernet cascading for easy wiring › ›Serial port routing by IP address, TCP port, or ID mapping › ›Serial redirector function provided › ›Embedded Modbus traffic monitor › ›10/100BaseTX (RJ45) or 100BaseFX (single mode or multi-mode with SC/ST connector) › ›Emergency request tunnels ensure QoS control Priority Control for Urgent Commands (Patented) As Modbus networks increase in size and complexity, the lag time between commands and responses becomes a major concern. Advanced models of the MB3000 series provide a priority control function for urgent commands, allowing users to force certain commands to get an immediate response. Depending on your system’s requirements, different methods are available to define which commands receive priority. Patent Numbers: (US/TW) US7,743,192 B2 / I332618 US7,725,635 B2 / I321007 The MGate MB3170 fiber series includes 100BaseFX fiber models that support transmission distances up to 4 km for multi-mode models, and up to 40 km for single-mode models. Optical fiber is well-suited for industrial applications because it is immune to electromagnetic noise and interference. For environments that experience high ground loop voltages, fiber provides the best isolation protection, and because there is no danger of sparking, optical fiber is safer than copper wire to use in hazardous environments. Optical Fiber for Ethernet Communications