www.mo xa .c o m Railway Computers > V2400 Series Expansion Modules Industrial Computing 22-31 22 V2400 Series Expansion Modules Introduction Expansion peripheral modules (EPM) for the V2400 series › ›EPM-3032: 2 isolated RS-232/422/485 ports with DB9 connectors › ›EPM-3112: 2 isolated CAN ports with DB9 connectors › ›EPM-3438: 8+8 DI/DO with 3 kV digital isolation protection, 2 kHz counter › ›EPM-DK02*: 2 mini PCIe slots › ›EPM-DK03*: GPS receiver, 2 mini PCIe slots *Operating Temperature: w/o wireless module: EN 50155 Class TX w/ wireless module: EN 50155 Class T1 Moxa’s V2400 series expansion modules, which come with serial ports, CAN ports, wireless and GPS cards, digital input/output channel cards, mini PCI and PCIe modules, a 2-slot mini-PCIe module, and VGA or DVI-I display connectors, can be used with Moxa’s V2426 embedded computers, and give end-users the best flexibility for setting up and expanding a variety of industrial applications. Appearance EPM-3032 EPM-3438 EPM-3112 Serial Ports x 2 (RS-232/422/485, DB9) Serial Port LED Indicators (TX x 2, RX x 2) CAN Ports x 2 (DB9) DO Channels x 8 DI Channels x 8