IP Surveillance 19-45 www.mo xa .c o m IP Surveillance > SoftNVR-IA 19 System Remote Access • Automatically search or manually detect the IP address of a video device on the LAN • Can configure the server name • Can configure multiple email addresses for receiving alarm messages • Remote live view via web access • Remote playback of recorded video via web access • Capable of searching a specified recorded video by event, time, and camera • Remote control of PTZ camera • Folder and file names of snapshot images can be customized • Up to 4 groups and 32 user privileges for different operational purposes • Supports English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese • Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40 GHz (4 CPUs) or above • 4 GB RAM or above • Windows XP with SP3, Windows 7 • Motherboard: Intel chipset recommended • Display card: ATI Radeon 9200, nVIDIA GeForce GT220, or above (dual monitors require 2 outputs); 1 GB DDR3 recommended Ordering Information Recommended System Requirements Alarm Events • Alarm events: Digital Input and Video Loss • Can accept events from the automation system via OPC communication • Alarm triggered actions: popup display, go preset, play sound, trigger DO (relay) Available Models SoftNVR-IA: 64-channel IP video surveillance software for industrial automation systems Package Checklist • SoftNVR-IA CD (includes the SoftNVR-IA software and related documents) • Key Pro (plugs into the USB port) • Quick installation guide (printed) Playback & Search Schedule • Can play back up to 4 recorded videos simultaneously • Supports timeline selection when in video playback mode • Supports stop, speed up, slow down, rewind frame-by-frame, and forward frame-by-frame • Search video records by camera, time, or event • Can take snapshot images when in video playback mode • Can set up a weekday schedule • Schedule settings can be based on camera and event e-Map • Can load BMP emap for easy camera location identification • Maximum of 32 emaps can be listed • Supports video image popups when hovering over camera icon • Select 3 camera icon types and up to 8 lens directions • Access live display by double clicking camera icon • Camera icon can be configured to flash when alarm event occurs