17-13 www.mo xa .c o m Remote I/O > ioLogik E1200H Series Remote Automation 17 ioLogik E1200H Series Ethernet remote I/O for offshore wind power applications › ›User-definable Modbus/TCP Slave addressing › ›2-port Ethernet switch for daisy-chain topologies › ›Active communications with MX-AOPC UA Server › ›Easy mass deployment and configuration with ioSearch utility › ›Friendly configuration via web browser › ›Simplify I/O management with MXIO library on either Windows or Linux platform › ›IEC 60945 approval for harsh offshore environments › ›Wide operating temperature range: -40 to 75°C (-40 to 167°F) Installation of remote Ethernet I/O in offshore environments is a real challenge. It is critical to find devices properly designed for protected, safe use in these environments. Moxa’s ioLogik E1200H series with IEC 60945 certifications fulfills the need for devices suitable for such demanding industrial applications. Compactly packaged in a metal housing, this rugged hardware supports operating temperatures Thanks to its two embedded Ethernet switch ports, the ioLogik E1200H remote Ethernet I/O allows you to create daisy-chain topologies for easy cabling. In distributed Ethernet data acquisition applications, panels, units, and cabinets are often located at remote sites where ranging from -40 to 75°C, meeting the stringent demands of IEC 60945 for harsh offshore applications. space is limited. The daisy-chain capability of the ioLogik E1200H series allows ioLogik E1200H units to connect in series either to each other or to other nearby Ethernet devices, drastically saving on both space and wiring costs. Industry-Proven Rugged Design Daisy-Chain Topology Reduces Deployment Costs Introduction