16-5 www.mo xa .c o m Smart Remote I/O > ioLogik 2500 HSPA/GPRS/WLAN Series Remote Automation 16 If the cellular network is still disconnected after dual SIM failover, the ioLogik 2500 series will first try to reset the cellular modem, then reset the system software if it is still not working, and lastly reboot the entire system after being disconnected for a user-defined period of time. Most carriers provide dynamic and private IP address SIM cards, and although private IP cards are cheaper, they cannot be used to provide direct access to the cloud. Moxa’s Cellular Data Access software enables this type of connection by establishing a special data route between the ioLogik 2500 HSPA/GPRS series and the cloud. Only one public IP address is needed to use Moxa’s Cellular Data Access software, allowing you to easily update internal register values, change output channel status, and modify the configurations of devices connected to an ioLogik 2500, all through the cloud. The new Click&Go Plus™ control logic now supports up to 48 rules with further upgrades to 8 conditions/actions. In addition, its graphical user interface provides 3 logic gates and 3 multi-layers, helping you build more powerful and efficient IO solutions. For security purposes, the ioLogik 2500-GPRS/HSPA also supports IPSec for building a secure VPN tunnel to the host station. With the help of VPNs, cellular devices acting as a VPN client can initiate a The ioLogik 2500’s unique IO expansion hardware design lets you link up to 8 ioLogik E1200 modules into a versatile I/O array with 100+ different I/O channels. The ioLogik 2500 acts as the perfect “head” Based on Moxa’s experience, 90% of cellular connection issues can be solved by resetting the cellular modem. 3-step cellular reconnection not only helps prevent data and control loss, but also reduces your cost since your engineers won’t need to make as many service calls to reboot devices located at remote sites. 3-step Cellular Reconnection Dynamic IP Access Powerful Control Logic from the New Click&Go Plus™ VPN—Build a Reliable and Secure Cellular Communication Network One IP for Multiple Expansion I/Os Gives You a Smarter Data Acquisition Solution Once you finish setting up your Click&Go Plus™ logic rules, IOxpress’s easy-to-use simulation function can be used to find potential errors in your Click&Go Plus™ rules before uploading them to your online devices. connection with a VPN server. Once the connection is established, cellular devices can communicate with other network devices on the same private network. unit, using Click&Go Plus logic to control the entire I/O array, and providing a single IP to connect the entire I/O array to your network.