www. m oxa. com Embedded Computers > Ready-to-Run Rcore Software Platform Embedded Computers 20-4 20 ThingsPro Suite ThingsPro Data Logger ThingsPro Wireless Manager ThingsPro Suite, which is built on an open Debian Linux platform, enables the integration of fieldbus communications, computing, data acquisition, and wireless networking in a few simple steps. Featuring a Data Logger and Wireless Manager tools, ThingsPro Suite empowers users to focus primarily on their applications instead of the complex integration between things in the field and services in a central computing facility. A programmable Modbus data logger to enable your industrial IoT applications: Features and Benefits • Ready-to-run Modbus RTU and Modbus/TCP polling engine; Modbus knowledge not required. • Modbus tag API to interface with user applications if data computing is required, providing greater programming flexibility. • Ready-to-run data-logging software supported to interface with a remote database, making data acquisition easier. A communication-ready programmable platform to enable your industrial IoT applications: Features and Benefits • Modbus-protocol-ready for easy interfacing with Modbus devices • 4G-communication-ready to ensure that your 4G connection is always active • Network-system-log-ready for easy 4G and network troubleshooting • VPN-ready for easy setup of remote VPN tunnels from a central server • Ethernet/serial-to-cellular routing to connect all peripherals to the 4G network Data Acquisition Flow from Edge-to-Core