5-12 www. m oxa. com MXconfig 5 Industrial Network Security and Management Industrial Network Security and Management > Moxa’s MXconfig is a comprehensive Windows-based utility that is used to install, configure, and maintain multiple Moxa devices on industrial networks. This suite of useful tools helps users set the IP addresses of multiple devices with one click, configure the redundant protocols and VLAN settings, modify multiple network configurations of multiple Moxa devices, upload firmware to multiple devices, export/ import configuration files, copy configuration settings across devices, easily link to web and Telnet consoles, and test device connectivity. MXconfig gives device installers and control engineers a powerful and easy way to mass configure devices, and it effectively reduces the setup and maintenance cost. • Easy broadcast search of the network for all supported Moxa managed Ethernet devices • Mass network setting (such as IP addresses, gateway, and DNS) deployment reduces setup time • Deployment of mass managed functions increases configuration efficiency • Multiple grouping for easy classification • User-friendly port selection panel provides physical port descriptions • VLAN Quick-Add Panel speeds up setup time • Deploy multiple devices with one click using CLI execution Industrial network configuration tool MXconfig Device Discovery and Fast Group Configuration Introduction Network Setting Fast Configuration Deployment • Quick configuration: copy a specific setting to multiple devices and change IP addresses with one click • Link sequence detection eliminates manual configuration errors and avoids disconnections, especially when configuring redundancy protocols or VLAN settings for a network in a daisy chain topology (line topology). • Link Sequence IP setting (LSIP) prioritizes devices and configures IP addresses by link sequence to enhance deployment efficiency, especially in a daisy chain topology (line topology). Link Sequence Detection Analyze Topology • Mass device unlocking and password file export for quick unlocks. Unlock Devices and User Privileges FINALISTS Award-winning Product Multiple Grouping › ›Mass managed function configuration increases deployment efficiency and reduces setup time › ›Mass configuration duplication reduces installation costs › ›Link sequence detection eliminates manual setting errors › ›Configuration overview and documentation for easy status review and management › ›Three user privilege levels enhance security and management flexibility • Three user privilege levels to enhance management flexibility and security: Admin, Supervisor, and Operator.