Application Optimized Traffic Management in Airports ‧ Airport in France ‧ AR-V6002FL works as a control computer on airport vehicle. Airport control center can do traffic management by locating and route planning through each vehicle computer. ‧ A-GPS is used for faster and more precisely position locating. ‧ Improve traffic safety especially in winter foggy morning and at night. Airport Vehicle Traffic Management A AR-V6002FL Dispatch Management Fleet Management leet gement Worksheet Management Service Center Ma -V6002FL AR Dispatch Management ‧ Bus application Public Transportation The Future Blueprint for Public Transportation Acrosser’s in-vehicle computer is capable of multitasking during the drive, enabling the realization of numerous advanced commercial applications. The advance in public transportation technology greatly benefits both passengers and carriers. For example, the installed counter collects and sends passenger information to the data center, enabling carriers to determine suitable advertisements for passengers and increase potential revenue. In the safety aspect, the GPS can provide instant vehicle location, and remind drivers to stay cautious in certain traffic congestion areas. Surveillance centers may also monitor drivers and passengers instantly e computer is capable of multitasking durin r’s in-vehicle t the d AIV-HM76V0FL AIV-HM76V0FL LCD Display GPS LCD Bus Arrival Info Camera GPS LCD Display 13:45 Passenger Counter Embedded Wireless Communcation Module Ground traffic at airports may be just as busy as that in the skies. During rush hour, frequent arrival and departure flights result in passenger overflow between airport terminals. As a result, flight information should be synchronized with ground service centers, enabling fleet managers to dispatch the right bus between gates and terminals to facilitate smooth and safe passenger transportation. On the other hand, airport service trucks should be able to reach any location and respond to any emergency technical failures within airports and terminals. With Acrosser’s vehicle PC installed on each service truck, dispatch managers can locate and alert the nearest idle truck for rapid repair services. By documenting mileage and fuel consumption information from shuttle buses and service trucks, airport managers can improve resource utilization to enhance safety measures and provide a more pleasurable travel experience.