Power Management for In-Vehicle Computer When designing an in-vehicle Computer, there are a lot of challenges that system integrators might experience due to the harsh in-vehicle environment and the real on-field applications, especially for the power management. Acrosser designed the comprehensive intelligent power management subsystem solution for the in-vehicle Computer to conquer all the challenges and provides the advanced features to benefit the in-vehicle application. Power Off Power on Delay 2 Seconds 1,nore iQnition switch during boot Soft off delay 3 minutes. Ignition switch change is ignored Soft off delay 1 minutes. No action if switch back to ON ¢ Running your application Challenge 1: Different Type of In-Vehicle Battery And Unstable Power Solution : Wide Range Power Input In general, there is 1 2V or 24V battery in use for vehicle. Acrosser power management subsystem will take wide range power input to support both kinds of batteries. And there might be a random surge or unstable power output from the battery during operation that the wide range input feature can protect the system from unstable surge as well. Challenge 2: In-Vehicle Computer Might Drain the Main Battery Solution : Battery Monitoring(Low Voltage Protection) Acrosser in-vehicle computers have low voltage protection to monitor main battery. Customers can set the low voltage value by their cars' status. When battery voltage is lower than preset value, Acrosser smart system will shut down to reserve sufficient power for car use. - ··· •• . . Challenge 3: Car Ignition Doesn't Power Up the Computer Properly Solution : Power On/Off Retry When the system power on/off mode is controlled by the car ignition, it's impossible to turn off the ignition and